Study Planner

Study planning.  It’s that thing you do at the start of a course, or redo when you are in a panic about the course, that grounds you.  That gives you the safe sense of plenty of time to get the study and revision in.  So you draw one up and then don’t stick to it.

In our experience study planners are more about freaking you out at how little time is left rather than something you draw up and stick to, but here’s the kicker…even that is VERY important.  That sense of how much time you have is soooo important in ensuring you maximise your potential exam outcome.

So we have put together our attempt at a study planner and it may work for some of you and not for most of you but we are trying to say you should draw up something that works for you.

Study planners help you:

  • Understand the course content
  • Understand how the whole course hangs together and what they main blocks are that you are going to be tested on
  • Understand the timings of the course
  • Allow you to mark in when things are due and when mock or real exams are going to happen
  • Give you a sense of your own performance i.e. you leave everything to the end you are simply not going to do well, so you can seek extra support and advise in that situation

What’s in it for me…

Key to a good planner is knowing what the teacher is going to teach and when.  In our experience teachers don’t usually outline what they are going to do and when at the start of the course and that can hold some people back.  It also helps you understand the whole arc of the course.  So maybe you could ask your teacher how the course will be taught – in what order.  

If you have mock exams in January, for example, it’s maybe unlikely that you won’t cover any of the Electricity part of the course until the end…otherwise how can you be mock tested on it.  So our planner is maybe a bit simplistic and linear but you can adapt it to your needs or, draw up your own and make it personal.  

It’s also a good idea to hang it somewhere you see it every day, although admittedly if you have 5 other Highers you are doing then that’s a lot of bathroom doors needed!

We are pro-physics so really just want to make sure you hang your physics and maths planners somewhere obvious : )

Download our version of a study planner